Your 2022 Guide to the Modern Workplace in Australia

Make cubicle-bound working a thing of the past. Welcome the Modern Workplace: a physical and digital space designed for people to be productive, anywhere.

modern workplace guide

The Modern Workplace Guide: How to develop a robust modern workplace strategy in 2022

The Modern Workplace is one where collaboration and communication technologies allow the workforce to work seamlessly, effectively and efficiently, at any time, from any place and on any device.

We are now entering the latest iteration of the Modern Workplace. People want to work where it suits them: work from the office, and their homes, and anywhere else that makes sense – rather than being bound by physical walls. We are seeing large offices shrink, and hubs for collaborative work grow. How you manage this transition period will dictate how you acquire and retain staff; how you innovate; how you compete; and ultimately, your long-term how you survive and thrive as a business. This is the Modern Workplace.

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The Modern Workplace is actively transforming the way we work. It is also changing the expectations of workers, as more employees expect a flexible schedule and a healthier work-life balance.

Is your organisation equipped for this change?

We’ve written a 12 chapter eBook to help your organisation develop a robust Modern Workplace strategy. We cover everything from preparation, to staff management, to the ‘dark side’ of Modern Workplaces.

01. Introducing the Modern Workplace in 2022

A new model of work in Australia

Accelerated digital transformation

How the Modern Workplace supports people

02. What is a Modern Workplace?

Defining the Modern Workplace

A foundation for the Modern Workplace

A workplace built for the people of today

03. Why do organisations need a Modern Workplace?

Changed nature of work today

The employee’s perspective

The business's perspective

04. Modern Workplaces bring out the best

Cater to multiple generations

Enable the front line

Provide secure productivity

05. Planning the Modern Workplace for your business

Some food for thought

Outcomes and success criteria

Measure success with goals and KPIs

06. Readiness for the Modern Workplace

Business readiness for the Modern Workplace

Cultural readiness for the Modern Workplace

Technical readiness for the Modern Workplace

07. What does your team want from the Modern Workplace?

A modern, flexible culture

Connectivity, collaboration and communication

New approach to leadership and management

08. Change management for the Modern Workplace

Assess obstacles and set goals

Develop a strategy and a roadmap

Monitor and refine

09. Managing people in the Modern Workplace

Onboarding staff into a Modern Workplace

Giving feedback in the Modern Workplace

Growing a Modern Workplace culture

10. Business benefits of a Modern Workplace

Reduction in real estate and travel expenses

Increased employee and customer experience

Competitive advantage

11. The dark side of a Modern Workplace

The inability to switch off

Physical and mental health

Staying motivated

12. Why partner with TAS for your Modern Workplace journey?

The TAS Approach

Business Value from the TAS Modern Workplace Solutions Australia

The TAS Modern Workplace Ecosystem

Simply put, a Modern Workplace is one where collaboration and communication technologies allow the modern office to work seamlessly, effectively and efficiently, at any time, from any place and on any device.

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, workplace strategies were being reimagined due to the cusp of crucial technological changes. The legacy approach to working whereby the workforce commuted to a corporate real estate was under question for a long while. Companies were beginning to transition away from the ‘work is a place you go to’ notion to a hybrid work environment.

The pandemic merely fuelled the rate of change towards the modernisation of the workplace and the growth of the remote workforce.

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Today, we are past the chasm. Work is no longer a place we go to but rather, what we do. A new era has been ushered in en masse. We are well and truly in the fourth industrial revolution. We not only live differently today, we also work differently and relate to one another differently. Underneath the surface of the apparent change, revolutionising the remote workplace and unleashing innovation is collaboration technology; the underpinnings of ‘The Modern Workplace’.

The Modern Workplace is composed of sophisticated collaboration tools and technology that better support employees to collaborate, communicate and connect with each other in a hybrid workplace.

Modern devices, powered by modern applications, are enabling new levels of workforce mobility and productivity, while enhancing the user workplace experience. The always on, always connected, always accessible workspace introduces many cybersecurity challenges and consequently superlative security measures are developing to protect organisational intellectual property.

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