Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance 

Connecting the right-fit technologies, partners and solutions

The Banking and Finance sector continues to face a number of challenges in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis. The last decade has been a volatile period for the sector, with ongoing change and disruption – this time largely due to the increase of digitalisation and technology.

Banking and Finance organisations are faced with more regulatory requirements than ever before and increased pressure to perform, with an oversaturation of products that have hindered their ability to differentiate. This is even harder with an increase of non-traditional players entering the market. Banking and Finance organisations must shift gear to demonstrate relevancy to their clients – which largely rests on innovation and technology.

Burning questions for the Banking and Finance sector

How do we utilise disruptive technologies to enhance our capability and probability?

How do we stay on top of the ever-changing regulatory standards and proactively ensure they are being met?

How can we strategically differentiate our products from those of competitors and non-traditional players?

This is where we come in

For almost three decades, TAS has been helping the Banking and Finance sector to meet their technology, compliance and processing needs through the delivery of robust, highly secure and complaint technology services. With over 60 financial institution customers, TAS has an intimate knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, and provides a range of solutions directly, and in conjunction with partners, to meet these needs head-on.

For larger Banking and Finance organisations, TAS can provide robust, flexible and nimble solutions to meet one-off, unique or discrete requirements typically much faster and more cost effectively than traditional providers. For smaller to mid-tier institutions, TAS can provide these same point solutions or complete end-to-end services. TAS has a strong working relationship with many of the leading local and global industry technology and software providers. Through these relationships, TAS can provide complete end-to-end solutions to the market, delivered in flexible, technical and commercials ways, similar to Software-as-a-service models.

TAS is a truly unique partner for the industry. TAS has in-depth knowledge of the sector’s regulatory requirements; onshore hosting and support models; and a size which is big enough to deliver, yet small enough to be flexible, responsive and caring. We are confident we can meet your needs. Talk to one of our experts today on  +61 1300 715 591 or email us at

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