The modern workplace is evolving rapidly, with distributed teams, flexible work arrangements, and advances in technology allowing us to redefine the new normal when it comes to the workplace. An office is no longer a cubicle in a building which you are required to be at from 9-5; it can be anywhere if the organisation has the right digital tools in place to connect and support

However, with freedom from traditional boundaries, come complex security issues. The key for organisations is to find a way to create a secure work environment that is not confined to four walls.

Here we discuss three ways to achieve this.

1. Leverage cloud technologies for doing business without incumbent IT overheads

Cloud is undoubtedly a very important piece of the digital transformation puzzle and a key enabler for modern workplace success. The technology makes it easy for people around the world to connect, communicate and share information in one central location and documents are updated in real time. With Gartner predicting the cloud service industry to grow at nearly three times the growth of other IT services through 2022, cloud technology is fast becoming mainstream in most organizations.

Technology giant, Microsoft, is now offering an integrated solution that brings together the productivity of Office 365 with the security of Windows 10. It is a cost-effective, subscription-based cloud service that enables organisations to enhance employee productivity and collaboration across multiple workplaces.

2. Approach digital transformation as much more than an IT initiative

Real digital transformation goes beyond IT. Rather, it is a holistic approach that captures the needs of the organisation, its employees and customers. Workforces are increasingly multi-generational and understanding the differences in how these groups engage is key to building a modern workplace.

Embracing a solution that adds significant value to all the different parts of your business, gives you a significant advantage. Incorporating M365 as part of your digital transformation solution increases employee productivity and streamlines workflows securely and collaboratively. It enhances workforce creativity and teamwork using smart-pens, IoT devices, mobile phones, laptops, and large touch screens. M365 saves time when creating new products and services, building innovative content, and developing interaction with clients. And most importantly, with the added security of Azure Threat Protection, your data will be safeguarded against cyber-attacks.

3. Leverage IT partnerships

Lastly, one of the primary considerations to the success of a modern workplace planning is choosing a strategic partner that will walk with you on the digital transformation journey. Since 1989 TAS has built a reputation for delivering outstanding business outcomes. Our end-to-end cloud services are delivered through our four pillars of expertise, which include: Infrastructure, Network, Productivity and Security Solutions. With our reputation for security, excellence and speed as the trusted technology partner to over 40 per cent of Tier 2 & 3 financial institutions, and a M365 provider, TAS is well-positioned to help you on your digital journey.

Final thoughts

Advances in technology, multi-generational workforces and a desire for flexibility are creating a new normal when it comes to the workplace. The Microsoft Modern Workplace gives you what you need to improve productivity, collaboration and employee engagement. It enables you to embrace the changes needed to remain competitive in the market. If you would like to know more about implementing M365 in your organization, contact us for an assessment.