Unmatched network security, performance and cost-efficiency

TAS SD-WAN is an enterprise grade networking solution that’s ideally suited to companies with high levels of security and connectivity demands.
By integrating cloud and software-based technologies, it dynamically routes traffic across a hybrid Wide Area Network to easily handle data-intensive activities.
TAS SD-WAN replaces expensive MPLS solutions with cost-effective broadband, mobile and wireless connections and it allows you the choice of multiple carrier options.

Banking standard security

Flexible and cost-effective

Enhanced performance

Simple deployment


Banking standard security

Initially developed to meet the stringent security demands of our Financial Services sector, TAS SD-WAN is now available to companies in all industries.

The platform is based on industry-leading Cisco technology and is enhanced by device authentication, multi-point security and encryption keys that are stored locally on hardware devices.

Adding to this are integrated security protocols, network segmentation options and individual encryption schemes.

Flexible and cost-effective

TAS SD-WAN can be configured to almost any network requirements and can scale up to connect thousands of end-points and routes.

As well as simplifying management the solution leverages lower bandwidth costs of broadband, wireless, and direct internet access for selected applications.

Because TAS SD-WAN is carrier agnostic it can be connected with multiple providers, including Telstra, Optus and AAPT, and you have the option to leverage any existing carrier links you may already have.

Enhanced performance

As an enterprise grade solution, TAS SD-WAN is designed to handle large traffic volumes quickly, efficiently and reliably.

A logical overlay intelligently routed data across multiple paths for increased bandwidth flexibility, regardless of transport links, and availability can be further enhanced through redundant links and devices.

With TAS SD-WAN you also have the option of a consolidated management interface that provides a single dashboard to monitor service delivery and performance, right down to application level.

Simple deployment

TAS SD-WAN can be delivered smoothly and rapidly to multiple sites, like branches, remote offices and pop-up stores.

As a software-defined solution it reduces the number, and complexity, of device installations and it accelerates implementation by automating deployment through zero touch provisioning.

With simple connectivity to data centres and all major cloud and SaaS providers, TAS SD-WAN can play a central role in future-proofing your infrastructure and transforming your business capabilities.


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TAS SD-WAN is an enterprise grade networking solution that’s ideally suited to companies with high levels of security and connectivity demands.

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