Cloud Platforms

Modern infrastructure must serve all end users, no matter where they are, with the most efficient, cost-effective and high-performance platforms available.

The Modern Workplace calls for modern hybrid cloud infrastructure, which allows all services to be delivered to end users with performance and availability guarantees. To ensure the best return on investment for the business, the infrastructure’s services must be highly available, efficient and automated.

cloud infrastructure

Hybrid (Multi) Cloud Solutions (Private, Public, Community – x86, iSeries, AIX)

Hybrid cloud is a mix of public and private cloud, and on-premise technologies. Achieving the right mix and design is key to optimum IT service quality. The hybrid cloud must be reliable, secure, efficient, cost-effective and adaptable. This will offer reliability to both staff and the business, while managing flexibility and cost.

cloud infrastructure

Enterprise Storage and Backup

Managing and securing business data is critical to any business. With modern data storage management techniques achieved via on-premise and cloud solutions, you can ensure reliable availability and security of data.

cloud infrastructure

Site Recovery and ITDR

In today’s turbulent world, guaranteed availability of systems/data in the event of system failure or data corruption is a must. Modern cloud techniques make this achievable and very cost-effective.

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