As a technology services provider to the Australian financial services industry (FSI), TAS takes the provision of security seriously.

We have developed a strong security-oriented culture over the last three decades of working with the Australian FSI sector and take pride in delivering exceptional end-to-end outcomes for our clients.

Following our recent partnership announcement with Alibaba Cloud, some of our clients have asked us why we are partnering with Alibaba Cloud.

The partnership values security and compliance at its core, with both companies committed to providing customers with a secure cloud solution that gives businesses peace of mind when accessing premium cloud managed and unmanaged services in Australia.

In addressing the questions around security, TAS can assure clients that we have gone to great lengths and due diligence to ensure the required level of security for our FSI clients and prospects by pre-designing solutions with security in mind and by negotiating legal protection in the areas of; mandatory data breach; Australian privacy provisions; data sovereignty; liability and indemnity; SLAs; and cyber security provisions.

The broader FSI sector are looking for guidance on how to enhance their digital capability, and TAS is delivering unparalleled opportunities to customers in partnership with Alibaba Cloud.

TAScloud offers a roadmap and access to the latest advanced technologies including facial recognition, AI, Big Data and analytics, automation, and blockchain.

Broader industry sentiment around Alibaba and its cloud solutions are also extremely positive. It comes as Alibaba Cloud’s revenue soared 101 per cent to $2.1 billion for the 12 months to the end of March 2018, according to a recent Motley Fool article. You can explore more insights into “Why Alibaba Cloud?” by clicking here.

 TAS Chief Executive Officer, Shane Baker