TAS partnered with Australian Mutuals Foundation to launch a secure and trusted website

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Australian Mutuals Foundation (AMF) was created by Select Credit Union Ltd and Encompass Credit Union Ltd following their merger in July 2016.

AMF exists to provide a way for mutuals to assist disadvantaged children in Australia and alleviate poverty in poor communities in South East Asia and the Pacific by the creation of sustainable cooperative financial organisations.

We spoke to Brian Bennett, Manager of AMF to find out how TAS has partnered with them to launch a secure and trusted website to help them achieve their mission.

What was the business problem you were hoping to address?

When we first launched, while our payment gateway was secure, the backend of our website wasn’t compliant by Australian standards. Obviously, this created concerns from our supporters and was an issue we needed (and wanted) to address as a matter of priority.

At the time of inception TAS was one of our donors. When they found out the issue we were facing they generously gave of their time and resources to provide us with a compliant and secure website.

Additionally, we were unable to update the website ourselves and were reliant on a third party. The solution TAS provided means we can update the site ourselves as required.

What were some of the key challenges? 

As the work was generously donated to us, the biggest challenge was for the project to be managed at the same time as their other paying projects. Despite this, TAS prioritised the project and the team worked closely with Australian Mutuals Foundation on a robust process to deliver the required outcome.

What are some of the improvements and benefits that AMF has experienced (and as a result their customers will experience) since completion of the project?

The biggest improvement is the overall security of the site. In this age of cybercrime, we wanted to ensure our site is secure and ultimately our donors’ details are secure.

We now have a site that will allow us to grow our business and provide support for more disadvantaged kids in Australia and overseas.

Any final thoughts?

I have personally worked with TAS in various capacities over the past 30 years. They are incredibly professional and if there is a way to solve a business problem, they will do it. I would highly recommend TAS to anyone looking for a managed cloud solution.



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