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5 in 5 series with industry leader Rita Yates on digital innovation

By Rita Yates, Insurtech

Boosting productivity and reducing waste: RPA as a key tool on the digitalisation journey

By Jonathan Plaskow

Is your business ready to be a Modern workplace?

By William Lam

About Us

Since 1989 TAS has built a reputation for delivering outstanding business outcomes. We are the trusted technology partner to more than 40% of tier 2 and 3 banks, mutual banks, credit unions, and building societies, as well as several insurance companies. Our services are delivered through our four pillars of expertise, which include: infrastructure, network, productivity and security solutions. In 2020, TAS acquired Experteq, a cloud, virtual desktop, and enterprise mobility services provider. This acquisition complements our strategy by adding consulting and professional services to our existing end-to-end managed services portfolio, enabling us to further provide cloud transformation, office productivity and security solutions.

We can provide any level of service for both your commercial off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions, and we’ll support your IT team by reducing complexity and taking care of day-to-day tasks such as security, backups and patching.

TAS managed private, hybrid and public data centres will be highly available and secure.

Accelerate the flow of your information by leveraging TAS' network solutions and experience.

Have the world's most recognised productivity tools, without ongoing administration.

TAS information security ensures business continuity, risk mitigation and data security.

As your technology partner, TAS gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best.


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